KEY DATES - Round 1 (Entries Open): November 1     |     Entries Close: November 10    |     Round 2: November 12 - 18     |     Round 3 Final: November 20 - 25

This means you can enter your Round 1 video until 10th November.  You can then upload your next round video via your profile page between the 12th - 18th November, and your finals video if you should progress between the 20th - 25th November.

We strongly recommend submission for all videos are completed well before the closing date of each round.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?   The entry fee is $29.99 USD

CAN I ENTER MORE THAN ONCE? The short answer is yes!  You can enter once as a soloist, and as many times as you like with different ensembles.  Have a trio? Create a profile for the group (naming all members in the bio!) and enter as normal.  Play with a quartet too? No problems, as long as you have a profile for the group and the members stay consistent for all videos during a given competition.  It is just one entry per entity - how many entities you are a part of is the only limit!

PRIZES - Everyone on The World Competition’s platform gets a global audience and some amazing tools to connect with them, but the highest rated performer in the Finals will win a prize (half of the total prize pool), and the voters’ favorite for the Round 1 and Round 2 Audience Choice prizes (25% each of the prize pool).  The total prize pool is announced on the site at the close of Round 1 when all the entrants will be visable on the competition page  - you'll be able to see for yourself as the amount will be the number of entrants x $20!

INFORMATION FOR ENTRANTS -  The Contemporary Competition will be accepting entries from singersinstrumentalistssoloists and groups.  If you are entering as a group, create a profile with your ensemble’s name, and be sure to name all members in the biography.  Your ensemble must remain constant throughout the competition.  All video submissions must be unedited***and clearly show all performers. Recordings must be made in a single-take live performance; professional music videos with sound editing may not be used. If you have questions about your video, feel free to send us an email via the Contact Us page!

FORMAT -  The Beatles competition will be run in three rounds:

Round 1: OWN CHOICE An unedited video up to 6 minutes in length. You must perform a work by the named composer/artist/group of the competition, interpreted in a way that you feel best represents the talent and musicality of yourself or your ensemble.

Round 2: OWN CHOICE An unedited video up to 6 minutes in length. You must perform a work by the named composer of the competition, interpreted in a way that you feel best represents the talent and musicality of yourself or your ensemble.  This must be a different work than presented in Round 1.

Round 3 (Final): SET WORK FOR THE COMPETITION - The Beatles: "Help!"

An unedited video of your interpretation of the set work named above. For each competition, the choice of work will change.

If you are successful in Round 1, you will be notified via email as soon as Round 2 opens, and your profile page will automatically be enabled for the submission of your Round 2 video. This process repeats in to Round 3.**** 

The fine print

*Audience Choice Prizes will be awarded on the day nominated as the end of the competition. Voting counters are reset after each round, and the audience will be able to vote again for an entrant’s profile in Round 2. Prizes are awarded to the entrant with the most TOTAL VOTES for the entire competition.  Please note: Voting is to decide the People's Choice Prizes, and is separate from the judging process that decides progression through the competition, and finalists and winners of any other prizes. The People’s Choice Prize may be awarded to anyone at the times allocated above, regardless of whether the recipient progresses to further rounds of the competition.

**Proof of Identity/Age will be required for soloists and for all members of a group before prize payment is awarded.

***All video submissions must be free of audio editing (meaning no post-production mixing of the audio in any way) and must clearly show you/your ensemble playing your instruments. Each individual work must be unedited, thus, if your video features more than one work, they must be recorded in a single continuous and uninterrupted take, with no editing.  Recordings with multiple camera-angles are permissible. If you have any doubts about the eligibility of your video, send us an email via the Contact Us page!

****Please make sure you add contact@theworldcompetition.com to your email contacts to avoid any correspondence getting lost in your junk or spam mail.  It is your responsibility to check your email and TWC profile often and ensure that submitted material complies with the conditions of entry. Read the Terms and Conditions during the entry process.

Check out the Help Images and FAQs for any questions you may have, and if you are unsure of anything, send us an email via the Contact Us page, we are happy to help!