TWC runs music competitions in the Classical, Jazz and Contemporary categories.  Each competition has its own prize pool which is determined by the number of entrants (more entrants = bigger cash prize!) and is open to solo musicians and groups from around the world. 


To enter, you just sign up and follow the prompts to create a Profile. This is where you can upload your picture and bio, and set up your social media widgets for Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.  You can also set up your PitchInBox - a crowd-funding widget that allows you to seek public sponsorship for your entry fee and other music-related goals, or as we like to call it - Digital Busking!


As soon as a competition opens, you can upload your entry video for Round 1 which will automatically create your Share Page - your TWC performance platform! The share page is what allows you to share your entry video with friends, request donations through your PitchInBox, and accumulate votes to increase your ranking in the competitions 'Most Popular' charts - putting you in the running for the People’s Choice Award. The sooner you set it up and start sharing the better! Your share page will remain active for the entire duration of each competition you enter, allowing you to promote yourself and your music, and grow your audience.


Your video will be watched and scored independently by three separate judges, and the highest-scored entrants will progress to the next Round. If you are successful, you will receive an email, and your share page will automatically be enabled for the upload of a new video. After the Finals, the prize winners and People's Choice Award recipients will be announced, and the prizes distributed.  Get Sharing! 


Detailed information about time limits, repertoire and prizes for each competition can be found on the category pages: ClassicalJazz or Contemporary. If you have more questions about how The World Competition works, check the help buttons on your profile page and the FAQs. If these don’t answer your questions, shoot us an email via the Contact Us page!


Good Luck!